Colonial Period Living History

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Colonial Accoutrements

Colonial Accoutrements. Posted by Picasa

Tomahawk belt and hunting pouch shown with dressed deer hide and camp chair.

Colonial Fowler Musket(left) & Civil War Enfield Rifle

Dressed Deer Hide

Open Camp Chair

Camp Chair, closed

Powder Horns

Powder Horns from raw Bull horns. Posted by Picasa

These horns started as raw bull horns and were worked to the various designs shown. A finished horn has many uses, not limited to blackpowder. The top two are for blackpowder flint locks, the bottom two for carrying water.

Raw Bull Horns

Water Flask

Powder Horn with Scrimshaw design

Bull Horns, before and after

Deer Hide "Brain Tanning"

Natural "brain" tan Deer Hide, before (left) and after (right). Posted by Picasa

This photo demonstrates the before and after of "smoking" a hide, the final step needed to make the hide ready for use. Smoking not only tans the hide, it also protects the hide fiber against water allowing it to be washed over and over again. For a great source, check out I highly recommend Matt Richards' "Deerskins to Buckskins", both volumes.